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Let's get to know more about you.

Before I can get started on any design work for a client, I need to know more about their business. I need to know their brand, their story, their vibe. And if they don’t have it all technically put-together… I can assist with creating their brand identity. I work on building a client’s Personal Brand. From the person they are, to the business they run. Each of these affect the other and it is important to have a consistent brand across all platforms. 

All in all, I prefer to put together your brand identity before we commence any design work. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by this, it is actually quite simple. 

So let’s get started with a simple questionnaire that will better assist me in determining Your Brand. 

I have much more comprehensive Branding Questionnaire that we will work with once you are ready to start your brand journey. 

If you are starting out and don’t yet have a business name or domain, please jot down your desired business name so long.
Add your social media handles here e.g. @merakimintdesigns
Please tick the items which you are needing for your Branding / Rebranding
Give us detail as to what your business does. What do you sell, who do you sell too and any other information regarding your business.
List at least 2 competitors in your industry.
There will be something that sets you apart from the rest. It can be a product, a service or the way in which you conduct your business.
Be creative and choose the top 5 words that best describe your business.
In an ideal world, where you can choose your exact ideal customer.. what would that look like?
A brand is a feeling. It is a emotion that is ignited in a person when they see your brand.. What will that be for your customers.
Funky, professional, pink, mono-chrome, vibrant, soft and subtle etc…. Hit us with your desired look and feel. Drop links to example websites that you enjoy. Spam us with your dream look and feel.
Your personal information will not be shared with third parties, or be used for any marketing related communication that does not relate to this enquiry. For more information on our privacy policy, please visit


Now that you have completed the Branding questions, we can move on to the website form, should you be wanting to go ahead with a website.