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Website Design Packages

Are you unsure of what you need?

If you are unsure about what exactly you need for your business, please complete the website enquiry form and we will happily discuss it further. 

When inquiring about a Website, please make note of any of the additional features you are wanting.
This will help us provide an all-inclusive and comprehensive quote for your business.

We have the following sub-contracted services available:

Google Analytics & Search Console Set up and Monthly Reporting
SEO Setup, Monitoring & Reporting
Google Ads Setup, Management & Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure?

Website jargon and hosting talk can often seem intimidating. That is why I am always happy to explain anything in more detail. 

I have also listed some FAQ’s in case you have a quick query. Otherwise, please use the contact form to send me any questions you may have. 


This is no problem at all. There are two options here:

  1. We can transfer the domain over to us. We request a transfer from your domain service and you just accept the ticket once it is sent.
  2. You are able to keep your domain with your current service provider, and we ask that they point their settings to our hosting service.

If you currently have emails and a “coming soon” or reserved website on your domain, then you likely do have a hosting package. 

Yes, you are welcome to keep your emails with your current hosting company. However, we will still require our hosting for the new website. This will be in addition to your current hosting. 

Yes, in the event that you have an existing website, we will make use of our test server and create your site offline. Once approved and ready to go live, we will migrate the site onto the new hosting and allow the domain to link to our new website. You will have a possible 2 – 3 hour downtime only this way. 

The content is provided by the client. You can make use of a copywriter or use your own beautiful words. 

I make use of Google Drive and for all the content required. 

If happy to make use of Google Drive, you will have a personalized Google Drive folder with sub folders for you to upload all your content. 

If you are happy to use, the content will need to be sent in a organized way according to the website content form. 

Our Process

I take pride in offering an efficient process and quick turn around times.
Below you will find some insight into the MMD web design process.

This is a very high level process, as there are many smaller steps in-between. But it does give you an understanding as to the milestones within our process.

I have also created a small repository for all the checklists and guides that are used within the Website Design Process.