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Website Enquiry

Ok, so here are the absolute basics which I will need in order to quote on your brand new website.

After receiving this form, I will be in touch with a quote and follow up email.

If you have an existing Domain and Hosting but wish to move over to MMD – please note this in an email to me. 


What is your business, what do you do?
This can be confirmed later on, but it does assist in helping quote on the correct package to use for your needs.
Do you need google analytics and google search console? This is a separate offering and will be in addition to the website quote.
Content ranges from product photos and descriptions to logos, copy and images.
Processing and resizing of images has an additional cost, especially for the Online Stores (product thumbnails and feature images). Images need to be resized to be safe for web use. <200kb in size.
A good way to tell is if you currently have an email address assigned to your URL, for example
Selected Value: 0
This helps us know when to ease up with the tech jargon and help with additional technical support. [1 being limited knowledge – 10 being pro 😉 ]
When do you need your site to go live by? Please note that I will do my best to accommodate this but it is not always guaranteed.
Do you have a current site that you want redesigned, do you have specific instructions you wish for me to know, anything else you would like to notify me of?
This is a great way for me to understand where my prospective clients are and to help me focus on those areas. A great tip for you to use in your own business too!

Please note the following:

Resizing of images is not included in the quotation, if images are not optimal and need resizing before uploading, I am happy to assist at a rate of R250 for resizing the original batch of images. 

Additional / out of scope work will be charged at R250 per hour.

This is all we need for now. We will be in touch via email for the rest. 

If you haven’t already completed the Brand and / or Logo form, please see links below.