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Time Management for Small Businesses

Time is something that all entrepreneurs have in common. What matters most, and what sets you apart from anyone else, is your discipline and ability to use it effectively.

We are all given the same 24 hours in a day, but the way in which we use those hours, depict our success.

Here are some important points around time management:

1️⃣ Boosts Productivity: Ever notice how some parts of your day, you feel more energized and productive than others? There is a concept called flow-time which proves that certain hours in the day are your most productive. Knowing which hours of the day are your most productive helps you plan your 24 hours better.

2️⃣ Reduces Stress: Stress kicks in when we feel overwhelmed by our to do list. As soon as we get a handle on the to do list, we can manage our overwhelm and stress.

3️⃣ Happy Customers: When you’re on top of your schedule, you can deliver top-notch products or services. Happy customers = repeat customers.

4️⃣ Room for Creativity: Time management isn’t about micromanaging or watching the clock. It’s about creating pockets of time for creativity and innovation.

5️⃣ Better Work-Life Balance: Small business owners often wear many hats. Time management helps you balance work and play, so you’re not burning the midnight oil every night. This helps prevent burn out which is detrimental for your business and personal health.

How do you manage your time in the bustling world of entrepreneurship?

At MMD I have created a Time Management Planner for Entrepreneurs for only R250 – Check it out here.

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