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Why a Logo is so important yet so tricky

Why a Logo is so important yet so tricky

Anyone can go onto a free Logo making software and plugin their business name, colours and little icon to get a design automatically generated. This is quick, easy and OH! so terrible!

This process is heartbreaking to any designer as there is so much more to a logo.

It is your identifier.

It is what people see when they look for your business and it needs to give them a sense of who and what you do in the first milisecond of viewing it.

That being said, there is so much that goes into a logo to make sure that the first impression is one that matches your brand personality, and gives your prospective client a feel for your business.

All this in just the first second of seeing your logo… no wonder it takes so much time and effort to get your ideal logo 100% right. 

We start our process with a Logo Enquiry form, followed up a telephonic consultation where I prompt and ask you for more detail and possible soul searching for what exactly you are wanting. I don’t just give you a logo. I create your brand identity and we work together to get it right. 

Most importantly – before you complete the Logo enquiry form, I please need you to go through the below helpful resources.

Logo Inspiration and Resources

Below are links that are super helpful when planning out your Logo. I am here to advise you and guide you but it is essential that you know what you are looking for, before getting it designed.


Most importantly is to know your colours! For example, if you enjoy the colour “mint”, did you know there is an entire range classified as mint, from greeny blue – to bluey green? This is why I have added the Canva colour picker to the below links, to help you determine the exact colour you are wanting. I can easily grab the #hex code and makes sure that we are seeing the same colour.


Secondly, your Logo style and inspiration is key to me understanding what you are seeing in your head. Without an indication of what you like or dont like, I cant create the perfect logo. Pinterest is an incredible tool for inspiration, so why not use it.

Take a look around Pinterest to give you a feel for what type of logo people in your industry use, what logos you resonate with and what makes you beam with joy when you see it. We can then see how to incoporate this with what will work best for your business. 

Now if you are starting to talk about Branding – you have my attention! 

Your Logo is a small (yet highly significant) part of your brand identity. There is more to your logo and I am here to help you figure that out. 

By now you would have heard the terms Brand Identity, Personal Brands, Brand Boards. If you aren’t actively working on your brand and strengthening your brand identity, then you aren’t giving your business the exposure and solid foundation it needs to grow. 

Elements of a good Logo

Elements of a good Logo

What makes a logo effective? I have highlighted 5 elements of an effective Logo

Basing your Logo on a current craze is a big mistake. One needs to take a step back and picture your business 7 years from now, is the current craze still relevant? To eliminate constantly changing your logo, keep it timeless and incorporate elements that cannot date. 

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

There is a reason that simplicity is key. As hard as it is sometimes to scale back. The more complex a logo, the less versatile it is on different platforms, the less people understand it and the less it is enjoyed. 

The logo should speak without saying a word. Your customers should have an indication as to what your business is about through your logo. You have to ensure that the art or image within your logo is relevant to your business’s identity.

Let’s face it, when something is pretty, clever , or eye-catching; it gets noticed!

When you are proud of your logo and you are placing it everywhere, such as your car, business window, corporate stationary etc.. make sure it is memorable. You will find that people will start saying “Ah yes, I’ve seen you around!”. Without realizing it, they already know about you through your memorable logo. 

In order to check whether your Logo is working for you, there is a cool trick that you can do with family or friends.

Send them your logo, with no explanation or context, and ask them these questions:

  • How does this make you feel? 
  • What does this business do?
  • What is the general feel of this Logo?
  • Or simply ask for their response… 

If they say it makes them think of a Corporate Attorneys office, yet you sell baby clothing and supplies, then the logo is not aligned to your business.  It is a good way to get an unbiased and true outsiders perspective. 

Remember, your logo is for your customers too.