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Please fill out the below based on your clients needs.  This assists me in providing you with a quote.

This form will be considered the client brief once the quote is accepted, so please make sure as much information is given here as possible. 

If you do not have the details yet, please take this opportunity to liaise with your client for the feedback. That way we can ensure the quote is comprehensive and all inclusive of what they need. 

Please note – this is all noted in confidence and will not be published.
What does your client do, their industry and their current sales / marketing channels.
Brand colours are important for the website, these can be taken from the logo or existing site. But the #hex colour needs to be provided by some means.
The logo needs to be sent through in png or high quality format.
This will depict the size and price of the website.
If the client does not have professional / good quality images to provide, please select Stock Images.
This is important, as often these pop up in the review phase and additional costs will apply. The client needs to note what functions they want on their site, from actual design / look perspective as well as functionality.
Written content needs to be supplied in a legible and easy to navigate way, and where possible to be sent in Word.doc for ease of copy and pasting into the website. | I can forward the Content Gathering Checklist if needed.
Please ask this from the client as it will assist with Hosting Package pricing.
Whether reserved or currently active, we can take over or make use of current domains.
Please enter the domain name they would like for their business.
Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
What about their current site do they not like anymore and need improved? | What is the purpose of the new site? | Have they picked a theme?
What is the purpose of the site, Is it to inform, to showcase, to enquire, to sell, to market etc? | Have they picked a theme?

Thank you for the brief.

This should allow me to compile a detailed quote for your client. I will send it shortly.